Sunday, October 28, 2012

Virgin Trip to the Virgin Islands

"The Baths" on Virgin Gorda

As long as I have known Steele (and that's been 37 years) his biggest dream has been to sail around the Virgin Islands. It was number one on his "bucket list."  I, on the other hand, was not as enthusiastic about the idea...I envisioned something along the lines of Gilligan's Island...never coming back from a "3 hour tour!"  But I wasn't worried because the odds of taking a trip like that were virtually "nill". Imagine my surprise when our good friends Steve and Tina bought a 50 foot sailboat and invited us to join them for a week...sailing around the British Virgin Islands!  Steele's dream come nightmare just beginning. I know I'm crazy, in everyone else's world it is a dream come true, but I was really nervous! But I took a giant leap of faith and in April we joined 6 of our dear friends and sailed around the BVI.  I'm so glad we was an amazing trip!  We saw some beautiful sights and enjoyed the company of some very special people.  Thanks Steve and Tina!
Our handsome crew
Resting on the Virgin Gorda
Our hosts...Steve and Tina
"Life of the party"  Jim and Fidge

Captain Steve in the galley

Living his dream!

Lunch time

Patiently waiting to sail the boat....

Taking the dingy into Gorda
Jim and Fidge
Our room...
...and bathroom
The galley
Kitchen and galley
All the gang
Bruce and Jean
Yes...the water is really that blue!
Sailing off into the sunset!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


...I'm back! Now that Sean is home and I'm  not doing his blog anymore, I thought I might get back to mine.  Here's a brief update (mainly pictures) on the highlights in the Larson household.  

The highlight of October was the birth of our 3rd grandchild...Charles Bryan Larson was born!  We were all so happy to have him here safe and sound.  As you can see...he is adored by all!

The cutest "Trick or Treaters"...

Steele in his "recycling truck" that his dad made!
Tess....the cutest little cow!
Halloween pumpkins!


Blake's birthday


Sean celebrates Christmas in Mexico

2011 Family Photo 
Ready to unwrap the Christmas Door!

Ugly Sweater Contest!

Grandma Larson and Charles
Tess and Monte

Where's the chipmunk?
Tess and Uncle Blake
"Oh Noooo!"
Steele loved the prize for the Ugly Sweater Contest!
Charles in his "ugly sweater"
Where's Tess?
Steele and Tess
and...Chelsea's on Ellen!

January - just waiting for February 8th...

...when Sean comes home!!

Grandma Davis

Grandma Larson

Bryan and Blake

Meeting Charles with Bry and Bre

"I can't wait...

Chelsea, Tess and Nick

I would have MORE pictures, but Bry, Blake and Nick STILL haven't sent me theirs!! ;o)  

This will at least catch me up to February.  We took a fun trip to the Virgin Islands in April...
I'll post some pictures soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Up, Up and AWAY!

Several years ago, Nick challenged Steele to go skydiving with him on his 60th birthday.  Steele said "sure" but figured that Nick would forget when the time came.   Not so...when  Steele turned 60, Nick reminded Steele about his "promise" but Steele said "No way!"  So imagine our surprise several months later when we got a call from Steele saying he had gone sky diving!  Steele was in Nevada on a business trip with "Breitling" and they offered to take him skydiving, so Steele jumped!  (I am glad he told me about it AFTER he went!)  He said he was nervous, but not nearly as nervous as he was when he climbed the Grand Teton!  Here are some fun pics of the jump!
By the way, the lady who jumped before Steele..... her chute didn't open! Luckily the second one did!

The calm before the storm...

Free falling!

Pulling the chute
Getting ready to land
Safe and sound!